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Season 1:Episode 7: Guilt, Connection, and Beautycounter with Amy Jackson

April 11, 2019
Amy is a wife, mom, physical therapist with a focus on manual therapy and sports medicine, and director with Beautycounter. She LOVES helping others achieve their best quality of life through the world of physical therapy, and providing safer, yet high performing personal care products through the mission-based company Beautycounter.

She loves to learn and enjoys the quest of personal growth; especially in the world of health, wellness, and product safety. She feels we are “blessed to be a blessing,” and she feels a sincere and immense joy when she is able to help others through what she has learned and continues to learn.

She is inspired by those who stand up for what they believe in, and are able to make change in the world while still respecting others. In the world of physical therapy, Beautycounter, and in life; she believes if we really stop to actually listen to what someone is saying, they will share what is truly the root of their pain, who they are, or simply what type of skin care they need!

Making connections with others is something she loves and fills her up. It is a way to continue to evolve and give back at the same time. She feels Beautycounter has been able to fuel that passion in so many ways that she loves, and continues to do so every day!

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